The Partnership on Culture & Cultural Heritage of the Urban Agenda for the EU

After its approval in December 2018, the Partnership arranged the very first kick-off meeting (February 2019) where a common approach was defined (see the CCH Orientation Paper).

Afterwards, the Partnership defined the common pillars (see the CCH Brochure) and the most relevant actions under each pillar (see the CCH general ppt overview). Actions were defined and tested through external stakeholders (European Week of Cities and Culture 2019).

Despite the global pandemic, the Partnership kept on working reducing the 25 actions listed as relevant to the present 11 ones, arranging Action Groups and on-line interactive meetings and disseminating pamphlets and brochures.  The Action plan was defined and adopted after the Interservice Consultation with the European Commission (see the CCH Action Plan).

Now (June 2022), in one year and an half of work, the Actions are finally closed and results are highlighted in specific documents, one for each of the 11 action (see the CCH Booklets).

Preliminary common results were defined late 2020 at the Berlin Conference (see CCH Remarks and Recommendations) and will be further developed on the basis of recommendations from each Action at the final meeting in Rome (20/21 June 2022).

Most relevant and official common documents from the Partnership:

CCH Orientation Paper

CCH PPT General Overview

CCH Brochure

CCH Action Plan

CCH Synthetic Action Description

CCH Remarks and Recommendations

Booklets from each Action:

MOTHER BOOKLET_11+1 (update June 2022)

BOOKLET ACTION 1 – Sustainable tourism. Regulating short-term rentals

BOOKLET ACTION 2 – Street Invasion, Atomisation and Cultural Reactivation

BOOKLET ACTION 3 – Cultural Hubs for Innovation, Modernisation and Enhancement (CHIME)

BOOKLET ACTION 4 – Collaborative Management to adapt and reuse spaces and buildings for cultural and social innovative development


BOOKLET ACTION 5 – Raise awareness for public libraries and their new tasks on a European and National Level

BOOKLET ACTION 6 – Strategic Plan for the Culture Enhancement in Urban Framework


BOOKLET ACTION  7 – Data collection and smart use applied to the management of tourist flows

BOOKLET ACTION 8 – Guiding Principles for Resilience and Integrated Approaches in Risk and Heritage Management in European Cities


BOOKLET ACTION 9 – Observatory on culture/cultural heritage and climate change in the urban framework

BOOKLET ACTION 10 – Integrated approaches to Dissonant Heritage

 ACTION 1O – Orientation Paper 


BOOKLET ACTION  11 – Local cultural services fostering social inclusion: Identification of cities’ research needs and peer learning



CCH Synthetic Results 2022



Convegno conclusivo dell’Agenda urbana per l’UE “Culture  & Cultural Heritage” a Roma il 21 giugno presso il Ministero della Cultura